We offer a variety of software solutions to help your business function at its absolute best. Our solutions come from reliable providers like Microsoft and Google, and will help you streamline your workflow and increase productivity. We offer a variety of solutions which will help you do the following:

  • Communicate and share
  • Manage documents
  • Create digital files
  • Stay organized
  • Improve your workflow
  • Keep information secure

Our solutions will help power your business and compliment our office technology solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

Microsoft Solutions
Two co-workers using a desktop computer

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook tool that helps you organize information and thoughts in a straightforward, digital manner. OneNote is easy to use and offers features like pages and sections so you can stay organized. You can edit, annotate or highlight directly in the application at any time. It includes sharing capabilities, making it easy to collaborate and work together with colleagues. OneNote Features include:

  • Access from across devices
  • Navigation and search features
  • Tags for content organization
  • Ability to draw with your finger or stylus
  • Mixed media options including audio, video and files
  • Easy save with a single click

Microsoft OneDrive

As work-from-home solutions become more important than ever and tools like cloud storage and document synchronization get more attention, one program stands out: Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive from Microsoft offers personal cloud storage for your business. Each user is able to save files, including photos, quickly and easily. OneDrive offers access to files from any device or location, making them accessible for workers in and outside the office. As it integrates with Microsoft 365, it’s a good complementary product if your office is using Word, Excel, or any other software in the suite.

  • Files from any location and any device
  • Protected and secure storage
  • Backs up automatically to protect against lost files
  • Sharing features for easy collaboration
  • Secure file storage without taking up space on your computer
  • Scan capability for focus, pics, notes and receipts
Google Applications
A bright open office full of employees at desks

Google Business Apps

Google Apps, or G Suite, is an excellent tool to have in your business's arsenal. It's reliable, intuitive, creative, and adaptable--and, better yet, it's affordable. Google provides popular applications for consumers and businesses alike. From email, to document drafting, to calendar and meeting software, the G Suite will enable your business to work efficiently. Since Google is so popular on the personal side, it’s likely your employees are already familiar with the interface making for easy adoption and integration into your business

  • Gmail: Email for business, with admin controls, no ads, and a customized domain
  • Meet: Premium video conferencing on a secure infrastructure
  • Real time collaboration, calendars and meeting planning tools
  • Built-in security to protect your users and business information

Google Business Apps will help streamline operations for your team and support your office by offering efficient, easy-to-use business tools.

Digital Files
Concept art with a person touching digital files

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition, commonly known as OCR, refers to a type of software that allows you to scan documents and convert them into digital files. By scanning files into a digital format, you can better organize them, store them securely and permanently, and make them accessible to employees working from any location. OCR is ideal for the following formats:

  • Invoices
  • PDFs
  • Text files
  • Much more

OCR is a good document management solution to organize essential information related to your business and customers. As most offices move away from paper files, OCR can help them get there.

Searchable PDFs

As the name implies, a Searchable PDF is a PDF that has been scanned using OCR or created by some other means. The content of the PDF, or characters, are read during text recognition of the document then added to the document as a text layer. This enables search functionality within the PDF, which is traditionally not searchable due to the format. For a user, the difference between a searchable PDF and normal PDF is visually almost indistinguishable. Searchable PDFs are hugely beneficial, as they allow you to go back and easily locate information from within important documents - without spending a lot of time reading through it.

OCR has a long list of impressive capabilities, but a few really stand out. 

  • No more manual data entry

  • Take scanning to the next level

  • Organize like a pro