Prioritizing Safety

Every office has confidential or sensitive information they don’t want getting into the wrong hands. Whether it’s bank account information, employment records, or tax documents, there are many pages that need to be handled carefully. When it comes time that the information no longer needs to be kept, but is still sensitive, what does your company do with those documents? Are you sure they’re safe?

Security with Shreds

One of the best ways that companies ensure the safety of their sensitive information is by using shredders. These machines take full sized documents and cut them into thin strips to destroy them and mix up the information. This ensures that private information is kept private and is not easily accessible by the wrong people.

Safe Company, Safe Machine

Not only do the shredders from CWS provide a company with information safety, but also these machines are designed to value the safety of those using them as well. They are powerful document-shredding machines but are set with features including electronic sensors that make them safe to use and ready for action. That means that even though your documents will be in shreds, your fingers won’t!

A Work Ethic That Matches Yours

Our shredders are ready to take care of business with the greatest of ease. For busy companies with sensitive information, these tools are invaluable. They are high-performing and ready to keep up with your needs no matter how overwhelming they may be. If you’re ready to destroy it, our machines are ready to shred it.

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