Rules Based Printing

Rule Based Printing

What is Rules-Based Printing?

Rules-based printing involves establishing an accountability system in an office to monitor and track printing. CWS has worked with many businesses to create a plan, implement it, and monitor the results for optimized and efficient printing systems. We help your office adjust to the new transition and work out any kinks that arise along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing savings and enjoying a new level of accountability.

Why Use It?

When businesses aren’t keeping track of printing, personal print projects from employees can continue to sneak through the cracks and result in companies spending a lot of time and money on projects that aren’t even related to the business. When accountability systems are set in place, employees are far less likely to use printers for personal reasons and are held responsible if they do.

What are the Benefits?

There are many reasons that companies implement rules-based printing systems, including:

  • Decrease in excessive printing
  • Records of who is printing what and when
  • Easy access to control who has access to printing services
  • Ultimate savings in printing infrastructure and resources

More Safety, Less Worry

Another added benefit to rules-based printing is the increase in safety. When you have complete control over who is printing, you know what your office resources are being used for. Additionally, you can see what people are printing in order to monitor sensitive or important documents. Ultimately, these added safety features give business owners peace of mind that hard copies of their work are in the best hands.

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