Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

The Future Is Here

At CWS, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of exciting new technology. One such example is with the interactive whiteboards we sell, which combine the functionality of whiteboards of the past with new technology to awe and inspire audiences from students to coworkers and more. For offices looking for the next big touch, the interactive whiteboard is an innovative, exciting, and cutting-edge tool.

True to Tradition

While our technologies are looking toward the future, they also continue to incorporate important elements from the past. In the case of interactive whiteboards, some come with dry erase surfaces to allow the user to integrate old habits in with the new. The dry erase surfaces are easy to clean and durable, while also being compatible with the new technology applied here.

Enhanced Interactions

The most exciting thing about interactive whiteboards is that they no longer are just a display for people to stare at. They allow the users to draw, collaborate, and learn in a whole new way. Users can pull up plans, take notes, and experiment with new ideas in a digital world. In addition, our interactive whiteboards also have speakers to bring presentations and plans to life with enhanced audio abilities.

Collaboration is Key

Some versions of our interactive whiteboards feature capabilities for more than one person to interact at a time, meaning you can join forces with other great minds in one easy-to-use area. The board allows multiple users to use the interactive pens to write, draw, and jot down notes all at the same time.

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