Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Your Unique Business Deserves a Personalized Plan

Our team believes in the power of personalization. That’s why we take the time to list to our clients, create a plan that helps meet their objectives, and alter the plan based on the evolving needs of the company or industry. We are happy to work with companies in any industry, but understand that some sectors of business rely on our services regularly.

Law Offices

Not many industries rely on paper as much as law offices do. The printing quantities are so vast in these companies that often times businesses don’t even know exactly how much they are spending on printing each year. The truth is, printing expenses can account for up to 6 percent of total revenue costs for law offices. CWS can provide these companies with the resources to save money, maximize productivity, and optimize interoffice technology communication.


Another industry we work with regularly is healthcare, an industry which requires a lot of record-keeping, filing, and communication. Because of the nature of healthcare, one of the major concerns we work with healthcare providers on is security. We are familiar with the sensitivities surrounding medical documentation and can help businesses keep their records safe without hindering the abilities of providers to send information to those who need it.


Government agencies have a multitude of print and digital needs that CWS is equipped to help with. We can help government offices establish clear communication channels, improve workflow, and ensure transactions are safe and secure.

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