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Making the Move to the Cloud

Hands of a man using a mobile device to access the cloud, office technology concept.

"Moving day" for office technology is something that sends shivers down even the bravest company's spine. Many are deterred just at the thought of the downtime, confusion, frustration, expense, and potential for disaster. Luckily, making a move to the cloud can be a lot easier than that--as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve, of course!

What to Know About Projector Lamps


As far as office technology goes, projectors are perhaps the most flexible, the most innovative, and the most powerful--simply because their only limit is your creativity. However, even the hardest-working projector might start to act up eventually, and the truth is that this is often due to lamp problems. Here's everything you need to know about projector lamps, what they do, and how to change them!

The Real Value of a Paper Shredder


When it comes to high-tech tools and tricks, the humble paper shredder tends to get shoved to one side. After all, it's a quiet and straightforward technology that doesn't have much value in a busy workplace--right? Not necessarily! Today we'll explore the real value of paper shredders and show you just how much you could be missing by overlooking this hardworking machine.


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