Office Technology


A Bright Idea

When it comes time for a big presentation, what tricks do you have up your sleeve to make sure your ideas are clear, engaging, and well-presented? For a fresh idea, consider a new projector from CWS. With brilliant color, resolution, and clarity, these machines are the perfect addition to any office. The variety in shapes and sizes also make it easy to find the machine that is perfectly suited to your workload.


Prioritizing Safety

Every office has confidential or sensitive information they don’t want getting into the wrong hands. Whether it’s bank account information, employment records, or tax documents, there are many pages that need to be handled carefully. When it comes time that the information no longer needs to be kept, but is still sensitive, what does your company do with those documents? Are you sure they’re safe?

Interactive Whiteboards

The Future Is Here

At CWS, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of exciting new technology. One such example is with the interactive whiteboards we sell, which combine the functionality of whiteboards of the past with new technology to awe and inspire audiences from students to coworkers and more. For offices looking for the next big touch, the interactive whiteboard is an innovative, exciting, and cutting-edge tool.

Digital Duplicators

Ready for Anything

Imagine your office is hit with a big project with little warning. Do you have the capabilities to get it done quickly? Do you have the right equipment? CWS has a staff of experienced and helpful employees ready to help you select the best products for you. Our team will customize a plan and help you feel ready no matter what knocks on your door. If you’re a company that needs to support big printing needs, consider a digital duplicator that will be ready and reliable every day.

Wide Format Systems

The Power to Do More

Typical office printers are the perfect solution for many office needs. All of our printers are reliable and produce excellent results every time. But what about the offices with atypical projects? For the creative and the unique, there is a printing solution with the versatility and color to match your needs. Wide Format Printers are created and developed with the creative person in mind.


Powerful Printers for Impressive Productivity

When it comes to the printing capabilities of your office, do you have the right machines for your workload? It can be hard to know which infrastructure you need to stay in-line with your goals. The experts and CWS can help. We consider your business size, printing demands, and current office technology to create a customized plan designed to help you succeed.

Multifunction Products

Amazing Versatility, Incredibly Intuitive

Multifunction copiers have impressive amounts of versatility that make them a useful addition to any office environment. With amazing features, new technology, and advanced performance multifunction copiers provide businesses with the services they need all in one convenient device. For busy companies looking for a one-stop-shop, multifunction copiers are a great solution.

Office Technology

Solutions You Can Trust

At CWS, we take pride in the technology and resources we provide our clients. With years of experience and a focus on finding the right tools to get the job done, we will evaluate your office needs and set you up with the resources that will get the job done right. We offer a wide variety of products to suit any size of business.

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