Industry Solutions

Your Unique Business Deserves a Personalized Plan

Our team believes in the power of personalization. That’s why we take the time to list to our clients, create a plan that helps meet their objectives, and alter the plan based on the evolving needs of the company or industry. We are happy to work with companies in any industry, but understand that some sectors of business rely on our services regularly.

Leasing Options

Lessons in Leasing

Something that many business owners may have not considered before is the option of leasing business equipment instead of purchasing it outright. There are benefits to purchasing equipment, but there are also strengths to leasing as well.

Powerful Partners

Working With the Best to Give you the Best

At CWS, we value working as a team. Not just internally with our staff relationships, but also by working with other industry-leading experts to provide customers with a huge array of products, tools, and software to find the perfect solution for each individual business we work with. When we work together, we can do more for our clients to bolster their success.

Experienced Team

The Customer Service Experience

With more than 30 years in the industry, a lot has changed with CWS since we first opened our doors. However, a few things have stayed the same, including our dedication to providing the best customer service experience to our clients as possible. In everything we do, we consider the client and work hard to create customized solutions for the unique problems each business faces.


Technology You Need From People You Trust.

Our motto at CWS is simple, and we stand by it. We know that in these modern technologically advanced times, you need the office infrastructure to support innovation that will take your business to the next level. At the same time, you’re probably hoping you can find a personal and friendly customer service-focused team that will not only help you finish the job but go above and beyond. 

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